Wednesday, December 31, 2008

new years

so nothing new really going on here just a house with sick people! my bf was sick for a couple days and now my son is sick, poor thing! had me up all last nite passing him the bucket :P i really hope i dont get sick, i feel like i am at times but then it passes, although iv been on a antibotic now since august so really i shouldnt get sick right, you would think! i had wanted to go out tonite for new years but didnt really have anywhere to go, no car cause bf has to work, and wouldnt be spending it with bf. i just didnt wanna stay home, my sister n law offered to watch my son if i wanted to go out but i wont anyway cause hes sick now. its so windy here today can just hear that a wind blowing away! i made me a good cd, bought me some songs off itunes. this was the first time iv ever did itunes and it was pretty easy but now i need to figure out how to get the songs on my ipod that i have no clue how to do . it was my nieces ipod and she upgraded, this things on its last leg but it will do for now, figures i cant get a hold of her. so thats it for now i hope everyone has a safe and great newyears! hugs


Missy said...

I hope that everyone gets to feeling better :(


Missie said...

Everyone here is getting sick!

Happy New Year!

garnett109 said...

Wishing you a healthy New years!

Myra said...

Don't pass any germs over here!

Janie said...

Will keep all of you in my prayers and hope you don't get sick. Blessings, Janie Oh.. and Happy New Year.