Sunday, December 21, 2008

no pics

so everyone keeps asking wheres the new pic of my hair, dont have one yet. what happened was i was taking pics and then my camera just stopped working and so we put new batterys in and they werent working either but i tryed it today and its working so i dont no what was up with that. so i couldnt take any pics today cause im looking a mess, stayed in jammies all day and didnt do my hair, plus to be honest im looking really swollen these days and now i dont no if i wanna show my face lol. ill try to get a pic one day if i feel im looking all right. my sons birthday party saterday nite went well even though my sister told me today i was being quite moody and so did my sister n law. i new i was being moody but i didnt think i was being that bad. my sister was getting on my nerves for reasons and i did tell her why and my sister law i snapped on her at the party only because she kept picking on me and teasing me and normally i can deal with that cause i no she means no harm but it just got to me for some reason and i told her to lay off in not such a nice way. i did call and apologize today and she wasnt mad at all, she said she picks at me to get to me so what does that tell you, im gonna at some point get tired of it! i dont no why i got moody i guess i was just stressed with people in my house cause im not use to that plus my dad wouldnt come and that irrated me cause my sister offered to bring him. he has no life hes retired and acts like a hermit, if i dont go see him id never see him, so i kinda figured he wouldnt come but i thought he would for his grandson but he really doesnt act like a grandfather so what do i exspect. at least my son doesnt really no any better and doesnt get upset when grandpa doesnt see him or want much to do with him he no's hes got plenty others who love him. but......... surprise surprise my twin brother did show up and we had a nice time, we got along good and it was the first time in a year that we were together, my son sees him all the time i just dont. omg i no i have to have gained like 10pds already from eating this birthday cake and left over pizza! take it away please!!!!!! my sister made me pistacho ambrosia salad with dreamwhip or something, its green and she puts marshmellows, coconut, little can oranges and fruit cocktail. i love that stuff she makes it just for me normally once a year twice if im lucky, i dont share it lol!
so thats really about it just waiting for christmas to come around so we can give the kid his presents so he will quit bugging us! we have to stock up on batterys though cause it seems like everything we bought him needs batterys, i think as much as you have to pay for toys these days they should come with them! gonna go, my son is being a grumpy troll as he would say and hes tired so i hope everyone had a great weekend, iv gotta catch up on blogs. hugs


MISSY said...

Happy Birthday to your boy too!

Hope to see those pics soon ;) *M*

garnett109 said...

Happy B-Day to your boy And what about those pics?

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

Somedays you just get irritated, everyones intitled. I hope the party was huge success even though Grandpa didn't show. Hoping your Christmas and New Year bring you all the things you dream of most. Take care and enjoy,

Lucy said...

Glad your get together for Chase Birthday went as well as it did. waiting for the pic. Lucy