Monday, December 15, 2008

smellin good and drs appt

so had a okay weekend........... saterday bf worked all day and my sister n law wanted to keep my son over nite yet again( no complaints here lol) god i love that girl! so when she picked my son up she took me to the doller land and i picked up some stuff then grabbed some dinner and came home and ate all by my lonesome :( i couldnt find anyone to hang out with and bf wasnt coming home to after 12. sunday before bf had to work we went christmas shopping/ birthday for our son that was okay. i really wasnt that much into it, toys are just so darn exspensive anymore and they really didt have anything good. got him some learning stuff, handy manny tool box, smash n go racecar track thing etc etc. i then went and used a gift card i got for my birthday at bath and body works and got this gift set that was called cherry blossom i love it! it came with a candle, body wash, bubble bath, body spray, body lotion and luffa thing or what ever you call them im drawing a blank here lol. went to the drs today and we talked about my muscle test that came back and hes just stummped on why that is, why the steroid isnt working now but luckley he didnt raise my dosage on predisone yet, he raised my dosage on the imuran and will continue to raise it every two weeks and i have to get blood work every two weeks now for a couple months and we go from there. if my test dont start coming back better we will try a new medicine. hes also looking into a study group in pa at the universitys. my son is going to the dutch apple theater in pa to see the nutcracker, he is so excited! i wish i was going iv never seen it:( so i will be have me time from 8am till 2:30 oh what am i going to do........... lets seeee probobly nothing as everyone i no works , but am trying to see if my sister n law can take me to get my bloodwork done, shes layed off right now for couple weeks. so thats pretty much it in my life right now. did finally call my sister i wasnt talking too and invited her saterday to my sons little birthday get together, got the voicemail so we shall see if she calls me back. hope yall have a great tuesday! hugs


MISSY said...

That's cool of your sister to help you out like that! I bet you enjoy the breaks.

I hope your medicines work so that you can get to feeling better.

I've never seen the Nutcracker either but I'd like to. Hope you have a great night! *M*

Janie said...

Hi Tracy, Just stopping in to say hello and to wish you a Merry Christmas. Hope your blood test turns out great. Hope you have a blessed week. Hugs, Janie

Missie said...

Hope you have a good day!

Lucy said...

I hope they get you on the right track with med's. Don't be suprised if you see sANTA AND PETS RUNNING AROUND ON MY BLOG ALL SUMMER. Lucy