Monday, December 1, 2008

im around

i just wrote a whole entry out and then bam aol shut me down!!!!!! anyway my thanksgiving was pretty good, had a couple near disasters with bf scorching the mashed potatoes, turkey trying to catch my oven on fire, this house was a smoken! but it was nice and we were together and thats what counts. i didnt even over eat only had one plate full if you can believe it! iv been feeling pretty good too, havent had an attack since last monday and hopefully dont have one anytime soon but its been showing its face around every two weeks. just real tired and achy all the time but i can deal with that. my dr called today and asked me did i get my monthly blood work done yet and i said no , hopefully will get that done sometime this week and i have to get a ct scan done from something they seen on my lung couple months ago, but said it didnt look like anything serouis so this is just a check up. am surprised the dr called though cause hes never done that hmmmmm. we are redoing are sons room, painted it a blue color he chose and yellow. bought some of those removable wall sticker things and a new light some other little odds and end things. only redoing his room so we can get him out of ours!!!!! hes going to be 5yrs old christmas eve! has his own bed and its in our room and he sleeps in our room wont sleep in his own. we figured if we decorated his room maybe we can get him in there. my friend gave me a bed thats made out of wood , real nice, thats suppose to look like a skateboard but i think it kind of looks like a car too lol but anyway the kid likes it and it goes with the theme of his room. he seems to be excited about this change and hopefully it works out, no wait its gonna work out even if i have to sleep with him for many nites till he falls asleep hes going to sleep in that room!!!! so all his toys and stuff are sitting in the middle if my kitchen cause the rooms not done yet and im going crazy. i cant stand stuff all over the place, im not the most orginized person out there but have to have some kind of order. i have to go thrue his toys and see what i can get rid of , hate doing it cause he doesnt want to get rid of anything but sorry its gonna happen. this year he isnt getting much for his birthday/ christmas just what he needs, wich thats how it should be anyhow. the money just isnt there, car is still broke down have been borrowing a family members car, bf is getting temporarly laid off for 10 weeks . so this isnt a good time of year for us but it could be worse im sure, theres plenty others having a hard time, but the lord will get us thrue this . i cant get family members any gifts and iv already told them that and they understand, i just feel gulity when they buy for me. im the type of person you buy for me i feel like i have to buy for you. but at least i wont be stressed out trying to find the right gift, i like to get someone something they want or need, i put alot of thought into it and its so hard sometimes. some people just give you any ole thing but i think putting effort into it means more i will be sending out christmas cards though, cant stop that its the least i can give . if you would like one from me send me an email at one year i recieved like over 20 some cards from this group i was in on here and it was just so nice, made my christmas more special. i cant remember what else i wanted to say since aol ate my last entry darn it but i guess thats it. i hope everyone has a great week, stay warm! hugs


MISSY said...

I uninstalled my AOL software and got rid of their services.

I have a hard time getting Antonio to sleep in his room as well.

I'm glad you had a good Thanksgiving. I'm not buying a gift for everyone this year either. I think a lot of people are cutting back right now. *M*

~Ann~ said...

I hate when AOL does that. I love the email though. I have had the same email address for years and will never change.

But it freezes alot. So rude. I am glad to hear you had a happy thanks giving. Sounds interesting. Our turkey was nasty. LOL It was hickory flavor and I swear it tasted like ham.

I hope you can post pictures of the room when u are done. Love seeing pics.

Hope your tests go well.

Have a great night.

Lucy said...

Doesn't that just torque your gizzard when AOL does that? Tracy you need not feel guilty about lack of money to vuy gifts for Christmas. You aRE BEING HONEST INSTEAD OF driving yourself crazy worrying about it. I just had to stop with all the great grandkids. Glad you got to eat and hope you stay well. Lucy You know you will get a card from me. Lucy

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

I only had one plate too! But it was filled like I was at a buffet and they only had one plate left for me. I was a hurtin and needed a nap to store all the fat consumed. Happy to hear all turned out well. Take care with hopes for a wonderful tomorrow!

friedmsw said...

It is good to hear from you! Glad that you had a good Thanksgiving. Also good to hear that you have not had anymore attacks lately.

Janis said...

Thanks for stopping by my journal...I will enjoy getting to "know" you via your blog! Good luck with your son. We are going to try to work on getting my daughter into her big girl bed and have been putting it off for a while now...maybe January! :) lol

We figure we will have to take turns sleepig in there with her at least at first until she gets used to it. Will probably just throw the air mattress on the floor.

Would love to exchange Christmas cards with you...if you like email me at I'm a Christmas Card junkie! :)


Janie said...

Hi Tracy... I have an award for you on my journal. Hugs, Janie

Lucy said...

Hi Tracy, good to have you stop by. Your page is so Christmasy!! I listed my ahopping experience in my blog today, and that is it!!! Can't afford more. Keep on feeling good Tracy, or at least as good as you can. Lucy

Karen said...

Great looking blog page! Hope you are having an awesome day.